Lyspabadet.jpgWith this picture I’m trying to visualize the difference between new and old technology for Led-bulbs. The three to the left is new ones, and the one to the right is of an older sort.

The old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, had the following specifikations:


  • 10 watt (40 watt combined)
  • 120 lumens (480 lumens combined)
  • 3500 kelvin

The first, and older led-bulbs I replaced them with, had the following specifications:

  • 1,5 watt (6 watt combined)
  • 100 lumens (400 lumens combined)
  • 8000 kelvin (Unpleasant blue light)

And the new ones, has the following specifications:

  • 2 watt (8 watt combined)
  • 200 lumens (800 lumens combined)
  • 3200 kelvin

newsbanner.jpgThe point here is that there’s really a lot going on in this field, for the moment. And the technology is evolving really fast. The result is that today’s led-bulb gives just as pleasant light as the old incandescent bulbs did, and in my opinion the led-technology is now mature enough, that it’s prudent to ban the production of incandescent bulbs, once and for all. (For the sake of the environment. -Due to longer lifespan, and lower power consumption.)