Slimjetbrowser.pngToday I’ve tried the newest Slimjet Browser, under Linux. Trying to install it from the AUR repository was unsuccessfull. But downloading it from their homepage, and running the generic Linux version. This was straightforward though, and everything worked extremely fast and snappy.

I must say that I haven’t tested it with heavy load yet. But visiting just a couple of pages at a time, it loads and renders the pages very fast.

The browser is a rebuild, based on the source of the Chromium browser. And if we’re about to trust what they write on their own site, it is armed with the most advanced anti-tracking technology, to protect your online privacy. Of course, then, it doesn’t send any data to Google or Facebook, or any similar companies.

What’s actually best with this browser, is it’s inbuilt plugins, for, among others, weatherforecast and Facebook shareing. This works much more snappy, than relying on external plugins. Of course I will have to test it way more, before I can conclude that this is actually the best browser I’ve tried. But so far, things looks very promising.

If anyone has different, or similar experience with this browser, please let me know, in the comment-field below.

For Slimjet’s official homepage, click here.