Today I've posted a new article on my web-site, after months of no activity on that site. I've also founded a new web-site, which is going to be called "Web-Safety", with sub-title "A web of Security". 

So far, all I have done is to secure the domain name, set up a framework, and made the logo. And then I've been struggling with the collaboration engine for a while, before I lost my motivation for a period. But now I hope to have refound some motivation. So hopefully there may be some progress on that project, in the coming months. Hopefully the site will be ready for the public audience during June, this year. But it will be posted "when ready", and not on a fixed date. 
The new site will also be targeted mainly on european users, in contrast to this site which is truly international. And which is focused only on norwegian visitors. Hopefully there will be more activity on all three sites in the future than it has been for the past couple of months.